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With More Companies Joining In, American Manufacturing Gaining Speed

With More Companies Joining In, American Manufacturing Gaining SpeedThe proof that manufacturing is healthy in the U.S. keeps mounting. Texas added an astounding number of manufacturing jobs this year, and there are also many reports coming in of companies moving their operations from China to the U.S.

We already talked about Apple moving some production to the U.S., but Apple (and Lenovo, Motorola, and Toyota, to name a few) isn’t the only one adding new manufacturing jobs here in the states.

A company called Trellis Earth Products, a manufacturer of eco-friendly things like plates, trays and cutlery for restaurants, is moving its operations from China to Rochester, New York. The move will cost the company $8.3 million and will create 189 jobs.

Trellis Earth Products’ eco-friendly products are made from a bioplastic, which is a starch material made of mostly plant material. With their move, Trellis Earth Products is just joining the ranks of manufacturers deciding to bring their factory operations back to the U.S.

And then there’s Texas. According to recently-released reports, Texas gained 32,680 manufacturing jobs from April 2012 to April 2013. Texas is currently home to 22,642 manufacturers that employ 1,200,525 workers. Among the manufacturers contributing to the employment growth in Texas are Samsung, Motorola, Caterpillar, and Apple.

Texas is just one example of how a robust manufacturing environment can benefit the economy and overall employment.

Previously, we brought you news about foreign companies outsourcing their manufacturing to the U.S instead of going to China. With an increasing amount of stories like these, we’re continuing to see more emphasis on the value of having advanced manufacturing skills.

Students interested in finding out more about careers in manufacturing should look for possible internship opportunities and education at the variety of two-year programs that exist around the country. Have any questions? Feel free to contact us in the comments or on Twitter!

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