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The Welding Life: Interview with Distefano T&M’s Gene King

Distefano T&M’s welding department head, Gene King.

Last week, Distefano Technology & Manufacturing featured an interview with their welding department head, Gene King. We thought the interview provides a good window into the life of a welder, and  we wanted to pass it along to young minds curious about the field. Below is a copy of the Q&A with Gene.

1) What is your background and experience with welding? 

I have been welding since 1980. I learned to weld by taking an 18-month welding course at Hennepin Technical College in Minnesota.

2) How did you get your start at Distefano T&M? 

I started at DTM through a staffing agency as a temp. to hire employees. After three months I was hired by DTM as a permanent employee.

3) What does your usual day-to-day involve? And what about the day-to-day for other welders?

My day involves the management of 20 operators in the welding department. Duties include: scheduling, flow of parts into and out of welding, ordering consumables, coordinating/communicating with the other depts.. relative to component needs, etc. The welding operators duties include: getting to work on time everyday, fabrication of weldments using jigs/fixtures, knowledge of welding symbols / blueprint reading, correct setup and adjustment of welding machine per specific weldment, in process quality checks using measuring equipment and final cleaning / grinding / packaging of weldments.

4) What’s your favorite part about the welding profession? 

I love to build things. Welding allows me to do that.

5) What other hobbies do you have outside of your job? 

My hobbies include: golf, ice hockey, roller blading, dancing and bowling.

6) Give us one crazy welding story. We know they’re out there. 

I was using a hammer at eye level to straighten a piece of square tubing. I struck the tubing with the hammer and it bounced straight back at me hitting me in the forehead. I literally saw stars. That blow to the forehead may explain my quirky personality.

Photo courtesy Distefano T&M

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