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Video: Benefits of an advanced technology career

Many young people never even consider a career in advanced technology, yet there are forecast to be hundreds of thousands of high-paying manufacturing jobs going unfilled in years to come, most of which require minimal education and/or training to attain. Plus, students who pursue a career in manufacturing won’t share the fear of many of their classmates who enter an unstable job market already burdened by tens-of-thousands of dollars in student debt from a four-year degree.

Part of the problem lies in young people’s perception that a career in manufacturing is simply not cool. However, as is the aim of Dream it Do it Nebraska, with a little education and awareness-building, this perception can be broken because, well, it simply isn’t true. In fact, modern manufacturing requires STEM skills to utilize cutting-edge technology which produces components and products that are vital to the everyday functioning of this modern world. Few jobs offer that sort of satisfaction at the end of the day.

With that in mind, our friends at Dream it Do it Virginia just released a video that makes an excellent case as to why a career in advanced manufacturing is a great idea.

Check it out:

While the video highlights many exciting jobs in Southern Virginia, similar opportunities exist all across the country. In Nebraska, companies such as Distefano Technology & Manufacturing in Omaha, Kawasaki in Lincoln and Behlen in Columbus come to mind.

Do you have a child or student who you think would benefit from a career in advanced technology? If so, encourage them to take this brief online career assessment.

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