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U.S. News Names the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

US-STEM-StudentDo you remember a few months ago when we introduced you to Shubham Banerjee, the 13-year-old from California who invented a braille printer out of LEGO’s?

Well, he’s also the youngest entrepreneur to receive venture capital and is quickly on his way to becoming CEO of his own start-up company. That’s just one of the reasons that U.S. News has named him one of the STEM Leaders of this generation.

U.S. News & World Report, publisher of the Best High Schools for STEM and host of the national STEM Solutions conference, unveiled a new report that highlights 16 students, ages 13-21, from across the United States who are changing the world through their work in STEM fields.

“America’s economic future is dependent on young people developing critical science, technology, engineering and math skills,” says Brian Kelly, editor and chief content officer of U.S. News. “These students serve as powerful examples of what’s possible when we engage younger generations in STEM.”

Including Shubham, here is the list of the honorees:

  • Braeden Benedict, 18: Braeden made headways in the field of sports medicine by inventing a helmet mounted concussion sensor.
  • Shree Bose, 21: Shree was the winner of the first ever Google Science Fair and has since been encouraging younger kids to get involved in STEM.
  • Sitan Chen, 20: Sitan is a math guru researching solutions to complex problems at Harvard University.
  • David Cohen, 13: David is a robotics engineer who created a robot designed to rescue natural disaster victims.
  • Carly Crump, 18: Carly’s research in the medical field could have huge impacts on the way we develop vaccines.
  • Grant Goodman, 15: In two years, Grant went from attending a tech camp to creating his own app to CEO of his own software company!
  • Andrew Jin, 18: Andrew designed a model to help medical researchers better treat and prevent some diseases.
  • Shiva Nathan, 16: Using basic parts and open-source technology, Shiva designed a brand new robotic prosthetic.
  • Trisha Prabhu, 15: Trisha is working to end cyber-bullying through an app she created and the fight is going well for her!
  • Apoorva Rangan, 20: With her brother’s help, Apoorva introduced solar panels and crops to her country’s villages.
  • Peter Russell, 17: Peter has earned a provisional patent for his ground-breaking energy super-conductor.
  • Elana Simon, 19: Elana is now the face of President Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative, specializing in cancer research.
  • Ari Weinstein, 20: Ari left MIT to pursue his dreams of starting a software company—and he succeeded!
  • Katherine Wu, 14: Katherine invented a device to help drowsy drivers stay awake on the roads.
  • Angela Zhang, 20: Angela’s work in cancer research helped unearth the capabilities of a cancer-combating nanoparticle.

Congratulations are in order for this amazing inventors, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs and all-around whiz kids. These young leaders are already changing the world for the better and we couldn’t be prouder. Maybe someday, it will be your name that gets included in the next generation of STEM leaders!

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