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Obama: $200 million for manufacturing institutes

Recently, we’ve brought you a lot of news about national efforts to revamp manufacturing in the United States. These changes will no doubt ensure continued growth in the manufacturing sector and provide more jobs for students searching for valuable careers.

Just last week President Obama announced that $200 million will be earmarked to create three advanced manufacturing innovation institutes. These institutes will focus on digital manufacturing, lightweight composites, and next generation power sources according to reports.

The institutes will further the U.S. governments plan to reboot American manufacturing with a National Network of Manufacturing Innovation.

Obama requested a $1 billion investment to fund 15 more institutes around the country in the 2014 fiscal budget.

The institutes will combine industry, universities, and community colleges along with federal agencies to spur innovations in manufacturing. Funding for the program will come from the defense, energy, and commerce departments. Organizations like NASA and the National Science Foundation will also partner.

In addition to recent federal help specific to Nebraska manufacturing, these manufacturing centers will undoubtedly boost manufacturing both locally and nationally. As a result students getting trained in skilled manufacturing can expect more jobs and opportunity to be waiting for them when they graduate.


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