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NSF investing in manufacturing’s future

It’s always nice when the scientists and engineers get along.

In the National Science Foundation‘s (NSF) publication “America’s Investment in the Future,” the NSF devotes an entire chapter to the subject of manufacturing and educational opportunities focused on manufacturing.

We encourage you to read the chapter for yourself, but here are some the highlights that we liked:

  • “The Myth of Manufacturing’s Demise”: The NSF played an integral role in transforming the dying industries of the 1980s into today’s “new manufacturing” that emphasizes “reliance on information technologies and more malleable, quick-resopnse organizational structures.”
  • “The NSF continues to invest not only in the development of manufacturing processes and systems, but also in new approaches to engineering education. As the NSF Deputy Director [Joseph Bordogna] says, ‘It’s not just the discovery of new knowledge, but the education of workers in that new knowledge that is the fundamental — and maybe unique — mission of NSF.'”
  • The NSF also invests in research and development of new manufacturing technologies. “You need a partnership,” says NSF Deputy Director, Joseph Bordogna. “You need new knowledge out of universities and labs, new processes from industry, and a government willing to enable it all through appropriate R&D policy and frontier research and education investment, by and for the citizenry.”

It’s encouraging to see that one of the biggest sources of federal funding for the sciences voice such strong support for manufacturing opportunities in America. Not only does the NSF value manufacturing’s contribution to the sciences, but they consider manufacturing an essential component of America’s future success as a world leader.

About the NSF

  • The NSF is an independent federal agency created by congress in the 1950s.
  • It’s charter obligations include, “to promote the progress of science; to advance the national health, prosperity, and welfare; to secure the national defense . . . “
  • The NSF operates with an annual budget of approx. $6.9 billion.

For more information, please watch this short video about the NSF’s mission and focus:

For more information, visit

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