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New Zealand Man 3D Printing Car

New Zealand Man 3D Printing CarRemember the saying, “You wouldn’t download a car?”

Well, even if the man we’re talking about here didn’t download the entire car, he is using 3D printing to make the body of a replica Aston Martin.

Here at DiDi Nebraska, we’re big fans of 3D printing. Scientists are trying to figure out a way to 3D print bones, and 3D printers everywhere have been trying to figure out what to do with their new machines for some time now.

Until now, though, there have only be a handful of really cool projects made using 3D printing. We’ve seen some of the applications in medicine and prototyping, but there haven’t been too many user-created projects that have stood out other than some small trinkets.

But a New Zealand man is taking matters into his own hands by 3D printing a full-sized Aston Martin DB4. Rather than using traditional body-molding techniques, Ivan Sentch, the creator, is 3D printing the body that he will use to make a mold, and eventually create the final product. The rest of the car will be put on top of a Skyline GTS engine and a custom-built frame, ultimately making the car a fully-functional replica.

While Sentch won’t be the first to 3D print a car (as others have printed miniatures), we think he’ll be the first to print a full-size, working car. Right on.

You can find all the details of this awesome new project on the creator’s blog, called Replica DB4 Project. We know we’ll be keeping an eye on his progress!

Photo courtesy of Replica DB4 Project.

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