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The Millennial Generation’s Take On Manufacturing

If you ask us at Dream It Do It, manufacturing careers are at the top of the list for young people to pursue. And the good news is that manufacturing is in fact making a comeback in the United States.

But if you ask young Millennials about what they think about manufacturing jobs, they don’t seem to grasp the big picture about all the benefits that manufacturing jobs lead to.

Above, you can see a video from the National Association of Manufacturers‘ website that asks members of the Millennial generation a few simple questions: “What is manufacturing?” “Is manufacturing important to our economy?” “How many people are employed in manufacturing jobs?” These questions (and the answers that Millennials give) may surprise you.

In the video, Millennials seem to have a pretty good idea about what manufacturing is: production of goods through raw materials, assembly lines in factories, designing of new products to fit the needs of the American people, etc. Millennials are also generally all in agreement that manufacturing is important to the U.S. economy.

But sadly, many Millennials found it difficult to come up with answers to questions like, “how many people are employed in manufacturing jobs in the United States,” or, “how much do you think manufacturers make?” Most guessed too low on these questions, probably because they believe that due to the recent economic recession, manufacturing is still suffering when it comes to well-paying jobs.

But here are some of the facts, direct from the NAM website: In 2013, manufacturers contributed $2.08 trillion to the economy, up from $2.03 trillion in 2012. This was 12.5 percent of GDP. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.32 is added to the economy. Manufacturing is still a driving factor to improving our economy.

And here’s some even greater news for millennials looking for jobs: Manufacturing supports an estimated 17.4 million jobs in the United States and in 2012, the average manufacturing worker had an average salary of $77,505 annually, including pay and benefits. This is great news for students leaving school to start their lives out in the real world.

In a few words, you can boil manufacturing down to things like creativity, design, productivity, innovation, and industry. But we think it can also be summed up as opportunity–the opportunity to design, make, and innovate in the best careers available. Manufacturing is the greatest opportunity that millennials should pursue when deciding what is best for their futures.

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