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Meet David Pares, the Omaha Man who is Building a Warp Drive in his Garage!

spaceFor any of you Star Trek fans out there who have ever dreamed of crossing the galaxy at warp speed, this next story is for you!

This past summer, a NASA scientist named Harold “Sonny” White unveiled an artist’s rendering of a spacecraft capable of theoretically shooting across the galaxy. And people began discussing and dreaming about the possibilities that “warp drive” technology could produce for all the stargazers out there. One such dreamer is David Pares, who is currently working on building a fully functioning warp drive in his garage! Check out this video of David Pares and his dream of going warp speed.

Now, according to, there’s nothing too special about Pares’ garage. Except that Pares spends about a couple of hours a day in there almost every day of the week. He has a whole tray of instruments, from a Faraday cage to a red laser, that he fiddles with trying to engineer a way to compress space.

Pares believes, like many other scientists, engineers and “Trekkies” before him, that by artificially warping space — essentially picking up a piece of the “fabric of space” at two points and bringing them together — a ship could travel incredible distances without going over the speed-of-light, which Einstein proved is impossible. In theory, a “warp drive” would contract space in front of the ship and expand it behind the ship. The ship itself sits inside what is called a “warp bubble,” and Pares has a theory about them.

He believes warp bubbles already occur in nature. Anytime you’ve heard of a pilot or a ship getting lost in the Bermuda Triangle, Pares theorizes that what pilots are really experiencing is a local space warp, created by immense electrical energy whenever a storm pops up in that region. Pares is trying to recreate that same kind of electrical field that would ultimately generate the same effect—warping space.

And Pares has gained some admirers for his work, too. “I don’t know if I’ve ever met somebody as dedicated in the way he is,” says Matt Judah, a doctoral candidate in physics at Colorado State University and Pares’ closest ally on the project. “He teaches… 11 or 12 courses a year, and yet he still finds time to do this research. He’s an amazing man.”

We think so, too. Anyone who is dreaming of building a Starship Enterprise in their garage has our full support. It truly is a great year for dreamers and innovators when it comes to the final frontier.

Let’s hope that someday, Mr. Pares’ dream pays off in a big way, and we come one step closer to solving the mysteries of the universe!

photo credit: k2gxt via photopin cc

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