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Massachusetts to Attempt to Boost Manufacturing With Free Training

Massachusetts to Attempt to Boost Manufacturing With Free TrainingMassachusetts may attempt to boost manufacturing activity by offering precision manufacturing training to adults for free. In Franklin County, Massachusetts, businesses are teaming up with schools to provide free manufacturing training for adults who qualify.

The attempt comes in light of the skills gap, where some 600,000 manufacturing jobs are open and manufacturers are struggling to fill the positions.

The collaboration is specifically between the Franklin Hampshire Regional Board, Greenfield Community College, and the Franklin County Technical School. They’re offering a 12-week program in precision machining that is funded by a Workforce Competitiveness Trust Fund grant through the state of Massachusetts.

The project grant totals about $239,351, according to local news reports. Increasing employment for those out of work specifically in the machining industry makes sense for Franklin County, because there are 25 precision machining companies in the county. That’s compared to the average of 12 graduates per year who come out of Franklin County Technical School.

The school received a $100,000 equipment grant to provide additional training to participants. In addition, local manufacturing companies have started to back the training by raising over $214,000 to update training at the school. The state has agreed to match that money.

And consider this: Franklin County’s Valley Steel Stamp is currently trying to hire seven skilled workers this year. In the next two years, the company would like to hire 25. Talk about a shortage.

The owner of Valley Steel Stamp says that these positions pay $20 to $25 per hour and offer free medical insurance and other benefits, as well. He also said that other manufacturers that are hiring have similar pay and benefits.

This is yet another example of how important skilled manufacturers are to a variety of companies, and how far these companies are willing to go to recruit trained people.

Those students considering going on to four-year degrees may want to reconsider a path that will lead them to a skilled manufacturing job. In Massachusetts, those struggling to find work will find it hard to pass up training that could have them making a more than decent living in a little over a year.

We wouldn’t be surprised if more of these programs started popping up all around the country, and whatever way you look at it, manufacturers need employees, and they’re willing to go to great lengths to get them. All that translates into great news for anyone looking to get a job without also getting into a lot of debt.

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