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Yep, It’s Still True–Manufacturing Pays Well

Yep, It's Still True--Manufacturing Pays WellWe talk a lot about how great manufacturing is. The jobs in manufacturing these days are intellectually stimulating, fun (no, really!) and actually quite skilled.

But let’s be real–pay is pretty important, too.

Which is why it’s so good to hear that manufacturing jobs continue to pay well, and that in many cases, factory jobs actually pay better than other jobs around the United States.

Let’s elaborate on that a bit. Even though we’ve already talked about how manufacturing jobs are a great workaround of student debt, how exactly do the numbers break down?

A couple of new articles show us how. As noted by the Wall Street Journal, data from the Department of Commerce tells us a couple of things:

  • The average monthly earnings of newly hired factory workers was 38% higher than for new workers in other industries as of the end of 2011
  • Other than a spike upward during the recession, the earnings premium for newly hired factory workers has stayed roughly steady over the past decade, hovering around 40%

The Northwest Indiana Times tells us a little more about the wage premium that we see in manufacturing jobs. Here’s what they have to say:

  • The average earnings for new hires in factory jobs have grown by 3.5 percent since the recession (earnings were flat for new hires in other industries over the same period)
  • The real earnings of already employed manufacturing workers have risen about 2.4 percent since the recession, while the pay of incumbent employees in other industries dropped

Overall, it’s not hard to see why we’re so insistent on saying that manufacturing pays well. Compared to other new workers, manufacturers make more, and one advantage that these articles don’t even mention is that many of these jobs can be had without incurring massive amounts of student debt.

So at a time when making a good living is more important than ever, we have to ask–why wouldn’t you think about a job in manufacturing? Because the truth is, manufacturing pays well in more ways than one. You’ll have a good career, stimulating work, and yes, you’ll have great pay.

And we call that a win-win.

Photo credit: Northwest Indiana Times

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