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Manufacturing 2.0: Expect to See More Jobs In 2014

Manufacturing 2.0- Expect to See More Jobs In 2014The U.S. economy is continuing to recover and it’s getting an unexpected boost from one area of the jobs market.

Last Thursday on NPR, Chris Arnold reported that things are looking up for manufacturers in 2014.

As NPR notes, “after decades of massive jobs losses, manufacturing firms have been steadily creating jobs—many of them well-paying.”

Since 2010, U.S. manufacturers have added 665,000 jobs. NPR also noted that some economists might look at those numbers and think it doesn’t mean much. But we here at Dream It Do It Nebraska think it’s a great sign for students thinking about going into manufacturing as a career. 

Barry Bluestone, an economist at Northeastern University in Boston, thinks the same thing. “We’re seeing a new, almost renaissance in manufacturing.”

Bluestone says that manufacturers are learning new technologies, and new manufacturing technologies are being developed at major universities. Nanotechnology, for example, holds great promise for cutting-edge U.S. manufacturing firms.

Take Machine Inc. from Stoughton, MA for example. NPR reports that even with the recession hitting American manufacturing companies hard, this company has managed to expand its workforce by 30 percent.

Richard Mileika, the company’s founder, says that with the growth that they’re expecting to see in the next year, he would like to hire more workers—especially workers that have the skills to run the high tech equipment in his company’s factory.

On top of all that, manufacturing jobs do tend to pay well. Don’t believe us? Here are some articles we’ve done in the past to prove it! What’s more, jobs in manufacturing have a bigger impact on the economy than many other types of work. A final stat from NPR notes that “one job in manufacturing ultimately creates 1.6 additional jobs in local services outside the manufacturing sector.”

These higher paid, high-tech manufacturing jobs have a huge effect on our economy and the jobs market in general. If these firms continue to grow, we can expect to see a boost in our economy in the near future.

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