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Lincoln, NE Named One of the Best Cities for Jobs in 2015!

NE-job-fairWe mentioned last month that Nebraska could see 32,000 more jobs by 2017, and now it looks like that may become a reality sooner than we thought.

A new survey from MainStreet has named Lincoln as one of the cities with the best job markets in 2015!

How is it that Nebraska is making headway in the job market over larger markets on the coasts? To put it simply, population size.

Leon Tchikindas, a data scientist with ZipRecruiter, puts it best: “Smaller and mid-sized metro areas will provide better job opportunities than larger cities along the Coasts. What we’ve seen in our data is that there is much lower competition for jobs in smaller markets which, combined with wider trends, creates robust job markets where the ratio of jobseekers to open jobs is as low as six people to one job.”

Lincoln was noted for promising job growth in construction, financial services, state government, manufacturing, and healthcare. Other cities that show promising job growth are Odessa, Texas for energy, construction, health care, and service sectors, and Minneapolis, Minnesota for healthcare, tech, food manufacturing, and professional service positions.

ZipRecruiter analyzed 1.9 million active job postings around the country and saw that while there is a growing demand for workers everywhere, smaller markets are going to be the honey wells for job seekers. And, thanks to the shale-oil boom in the Upper Midwest, the jobs most posted will include local truck drivers, insurance sales, tax professionals, nurse practitioners and master merchandisers.

“The booming economy is also contributing to regional hiring in education, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing [jobs],” said Tchikindas. He also expects to see increased demand in sales, retail, insurance and hospitality, with the strongest demand for new workers in the upcoming months coming from cities like Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Chicago.

The Omaha World-Herald is already predicting that 2015 will be a banner year for job hirings in the U.S. and we’re seeing that effect more and more here in Nebraska. According to, faculty members and counselors at campus career centers in Nebraska and Iowa say they’ve seen a noticeable jump in employer attendance at career fairs. Creighton University even had to turn away employers for the fall career fair because their ballroom could only hold 100!

2015 is the year to be employed, and Nebraska is definitely the place to be. So, for the students graduating from high school and college later this year, the future is looking very bright!

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