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Lego Considers Using 3D Printing for Making Bricks

Lego Considers Using 3D Printing for Making BricksEveryone loves playing with LEGO. These amazing toys have been a mainstay in children’s bedrooms for years, giving kids the opportunity to build and create anything that they have enough bricks for.

But what happens when the LEGO box runs dry and you still need more pieces to finish building the Millennium Falcon? Not a problem, says the global toy giant. Because LEGO has decided to look into 3D printing to create new and customizable bricks.

The toy company is looking to flourish in the digital age by allowing customers to print up their own customizable bricks and LEGO figures. With the popularity of online content, apps, and video games on the rise, LEGO believes that giving 3D printing a shot might catch the attention of their consumers.

“3D printing is a fascinating development and certainly opens up a lot of new avenues,” said LEGO’s CFO John Goodwin to TIME Magazine. When asked about the possibilities that 3D printing offers, LEGO’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mads Nipper, said: “It might be an exciting opportunity to print your own bricks.”

It is already possible to create your own figures from the LEGO website, and soon, you may be able to just make the one brick that you secretly always wanted to see included in the giant bucket of LEGO pieces.

These toys are a great gateway for children into the world of building and designing. And if LEGO isn’t enough to spark your creativity, there are other great toys like LittleBits and Goldie Blox that might do the trick. And the great news is that toys like these will teach STEM skills to kids in the most fun way possible.

We always mention how important STEM skills are to learn, and toys like these are probably the easiest things to start with. By learning how to design and build using these toys, kids might find that they would enjoy a career in manufacturing or engineering. And lucky them: they’re already on their way to making that future a reality.

A STEM education is the way to go in our book, and 3D printing is just one of the many great tools that will be used again and again in the near future.

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