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Japan takes 3D printing to the photo booth

We’ve written about how to make a sculpture of your head with 3D printing technology, but engineers in Japan have one-upped even that. Apparently, the Omote 3-D photo booth, which will be opening in the Eye of Gyre exhibition space in the Jarujuku district of Tokyo on Thanksgiving, is to feature a 3D scanner and 3D printer setup that will take the likeness of visitors and convert them into tiny figurines.

Yes, finally you can realize your dream of being an action figure!

According to Wired Magazine, posers will have to hold a pose for 15-minutes so the manually operated scanner can record their complete image. This raw data is then tweaked to create the closest likeness possible before a color 3D print is created.

Those opting to use the 3D photo booth will not be able to wear certain items. The list includes shiny jewelry, stiletto heels, hoop earrings, mesh, fluffy sweaters, chiffon, trekking boots, stripes, glasses and bags. The 15-minute stationary pose also could rule-out more memorable poses.

The prices will also be prohibitive for some. A small figurine starts at around $265.

Single, double or group portraits can be taken in a variety of sizes up to 8 inches tall. Reprints can also be made if you really like the results or want to hit everyone on your Christmas list with a mini-you.

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