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This Inventor Is Using 3D Printing to Turn the Umbrella Inside Out

KAZbrellaDid you know that the umbrella has been around for almost 3,000 years? It’s one of the most iconic tools humans have created to defy the elements and stay dry in the rain.

And yet, we always seem to have trouble right at the end of our trips. Whether it’s getting in or out of our cars or carrying a dripping umbrella into the store with us, umbrellas aren’t quite as efficient at keeping us dry as you might think.

That’s what caught the attention of designer Jenan Kazim, and immediately his engineering instincts kicked in. He began to reverse engineer a solution based on a desired state (dryness, ease of storage, accessibility). The result is pure genius…and so obvious it leaves the rest of us wondering why on earth it took 3,000 years to get here. As, puts it: that is design at its best.

The new umbrella, the KAZbrella, takes the design problem and turns it on its head. It looks like a regular umbrella when closed, but when you open it up, it becomes the inverse of a regular umbrella. Now, when a person is getting in or out of their car, they simply have to close the door to a crack and close the KAZbrella in on itself. This also traps the rainwater on the inside rather than the outside of the umbrella, so no more wet floors and car seats. Check out this video of Jenan himself explaining how the KAZbrella works.

In addition to Jenan’s design ingenuity, the KAZbrella wouldn’t have been possible without the help of 3D printing technology and modeling. It may not have played a significant role in the process of creation and it is certainly overshadowed by the finished product itself, but the KAZbrella would not have been possible without a 3D printer. You see, Jenan’s eye for precision is what allows the newly envisioned umbrella to operate so smoothly. By utilizing 3D printing, Jenan was able to create parts with the type of precision necessary to quickly evaluate and make adjustments very quickly.

The KAZbrella will be launching on Kickstarter for crowdfunding very soon and you can get on the mailing list to be informed when the campaign launches.

It’s great to see more and more inventors and designers changing the world one simple creation at a time. We’ve already seen a young entrepreneur change the way we play with LEGO’s and we’ve seen a gearhead from Los Angeles redefine how to navigate the urban jungle. And now the KAZbrella is on the verge of changing the umbrella industry for the better. Hopefully, it won’t take another 3,000 years before the next big innovation gets here!

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