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Introducing Printeer—The 3D Printer that’s Just for Kids

printeer 3d printer

If you’re a parent, you probably already know that kids love anything with lots of colors. The popular jewelry-making kit Rainbow Loom is proof that kids love colors, but it’s also proof that kids like to tinker with stuff and see how they can make their playthings. And now, a new entrepreneurial company is looking to introduce young kids to the colorful world of 3D Printing.

It’s called Printeer, the 3D printer designed for 8-year-olds. By using a drawing app on their parent’s iPad, children can finger-paint a design and see how it will look in 3D. Once they’re satisfied with the final design, the Printeer starts laying down layer after layer of plastic strands through its brightly colored gears. And the best thing is this—because the Printeer’s guts are enclosed in a clear plastic shell, children can see the whole process from beginning to end.

This new child-friendly 3D printer is made possible by Mission Street Manufacturing, a California-based startup company. According to Bloomburg Businessweek, they are marketing this machine as an educational tool to help children see the success of new technology right there in the classroom.

“This is a creative tool that teachers can use in all sorts of different directions,” says product developer Brian Jaffe. “We are not targeting to the nameless masses of everybody, but to a very specific group, which is children.” The Printeer team has a Kickstarter campaign already in progress for two more weeks, and as of last Wednesday they were able to raise $104,429, far exceeding their goal of $50,000.

Public school teachers like Rea Xenja, a mathematics teacher at Southwest Middle School in Orlando, have already had a chance to play around with the Printeer and it’s turning into a hit with the young kids in her classroom. According to Bloomberg, she wanted a hands-on interactive lesson for her class when she began looking into 3D printing. “I think that our issue with teaching math is to show that math is useful,” she says.

It’s great to see Printeer join the ranks of great technological tools geared towards teaching kids about the benefits of math and science. Other great 3D printers, like MakiBox and Printrbot are already on the market to show how cool it is to design and make your own toys. But what makes Printeer stand out is that it’s a colorful introduction for kids into the world of tomorrow.

If Printeer becomes a runaway hit like the Rainbow Loom, let’s hope that children’s interest in math and science will take off with it.

Photo credit: Printeer via Bloomberg Businessweek

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