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Goldie Blox: Drawing Girls to STEM

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With the skills gap at hand in the world of manufacturing, businesses all around the world are searching for new ways to draw young talent both to manufacturing, and to STEM education in general.

One approach to getting young people interested in STEM involves toys, two of which we’ve covered recently: LittleBits and LEGO.

And although both options are great ways to get young kids interested in math and science, neither is specifically marketed towards a group who had historically been underutilized in STEM and manufacturing: girls.

There aren’t a lot of girls involved in STEM, and surprisingly, the number of women in manufacturing has actually decreased over the last few years.

A relatively new company called Goldie Blox is trying to market toys to young girls to get them interested in STEM. The brilliant YouTube video you see above, made by Goldie Blox, is set to a modified version of a tune by the Beastie Boys (you can see the lyrics here) and features a very cool Rube Goldberg machine.

Goldie Blox’s new video has been taking YouTube by storm the last few days–it already has a few million views–and serves as a great reminder of the importance of getting women interested in STEM skills at a young age.

As a matter of fact, the company was started by a female engineer. Debbie Sterling, founder and CEO of the company, got a degree in mechanical engineering/product design, and when she graduated, she realized how few females there actually were in the industry. She then started Goldie Blox as a method for getting young girls interested in STEM.

At a time where a large percentage of engineering graduates are male, it’s going to be tough work to actually start getting more women to take the jump and work in STEM.

But with the right focus (and with a few creative videos like these) anything is possible. And we certainly consider this video a good start!

Update: The original video featuring the Beastie Boys parody has been taken down. We’ve replaced it with a newer version of the video. The lyrics to the song are still up at the same link, and we’ll be back to update this post again if and when the original video gets put back up. 

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