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After Four Years, Miguel Valenzuela’s PancakeBot Is Becoming a Reality

pancake-botIt was four years ago when Miguel Valenzuela, along with his “assistants” (daughters Maia and Lily), created a pancake making machine out of LEGO’s and a ketchup bottle.

This video of the pancake-printing machine making Mickey Mouse-style flapjacks went viral, and when Miguel brought the machine to Maker Faire in 2013, it made an even bigger splash.

And now, thanks to Kickstarter, Miguel’s PancakeBot has become a reality and is getting ready to roll off the production line. Only this isn’t a patchwork invention made of LEGO’s anymore: it’s a sleek, shiny pancake-making machine!

According to, PancakeBot is essentially a 3D printer that’s been retooled for your kitchen. Instead of feeding plastic filament into a heated extruder, it has a dispenser that squeezes out pancake batter onto a built-in griddle on the bottom. It also does much more than just make Mickey Mouse ears on your pancakes—it can also create custom designs for a truly unique breakfast. It’s somewhat like the replicator from Star Trek, but it’s still a long way from creating an entire meal.

We’re seeing a lot more inventions making waves in the food industry these days. Everything from 3D printed food to burger-flipping robots are making delicious food and creating a spectacle for consumers to watch while their food is being made. Inventions like these are just cool to experience in real life.

Miguel’s Kickstarter campaign for the PancakeBot has already been successful, but he still has many different inventions and projects on his personal blog that take up a lot of his time. But it’s great to see that Miguel’s LEGO robot has grown up into its own appliance, freeing him up to focus on some of these other projects.

And Miguel’s pancake printer isn’t the only invention we’ve seen that originally started out as a LEGO contraption. Remember Shubham Banerjee’s LEGO braille printer? Well, he’s now poised to become CEO of his own company thanks to his “Braigo” printer.

Inventors and entrepreneurs like Miguel are reshaping the world one LEGO invention at a time. And we are supportive of them 100% of the way! These dreamers are the next generation of leaders in our scientific and engineering communities and we hope that you’re one of them. We hope it’s your story that we’ll talk about next on our blog, and your ideas and creations that will reshape the world again and again.

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