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It’s Finally Here: 3D Printed Food That Tastes Good!

lead_largeIf you thought the 3D printed candy at SXSW was a coolest achievement in the 3D printing world, you haven’t seen anything yet! Because now, The Wire is reporting that a German company is printing real food—that tastes just like it was made through normal cooking processes.

German company Biozoon has developed a 3D printer called the Smoothfood which will print up a home cooked meal at the press of a button. Just think: someday soon, you can come home to dinner without having to defrost the chicken and boil the potatoes (although you’ll still have to get some more “ink” when the printer is running low).

The “ink” in question is actually a food puree that the printer dispenses. The Smoothfood was originally developed for senior citizens in retirement and assisted living communities, and the melt-in-your-mouth quality of the food allows people to eat without the risk of choking.

Of course, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Does it taste like real food? As The Wire notes, Sandra Forstner, a project manager at Biozoon, talked about the 3D printed food and said it is actually quite delicious. They use fresh ingredients like cauliflower, peas, chicken, pork, potatoes and pasta to make their foods and bind it all together with a top secret, safe for consumption product.

“It tastes like normal food,” says Forstner. “One of our goals is not to change the flavor; the texturizing system doesn’t change it.” With this goal in mind, the printer squirts out the food puree like “ink” and has software to match the shape of the food that’s being printed. For example, carrot puree is printed in the shape of diced carrots, but has the texture of roasted carrots.

Now, this may not be a complete overhaul of how to prepare and serve food in the future, but it is looking like new inventions like this “food printer” are an indicator of how versatile and innovative technology can be. 3D printers have gone from manufacturing plastic robotic parts to building houses, even regenerating live human organs!

Now that the 3D printer has entered the culinary world, what new frontier will the 3D printer break ground on? Perhaps a printer that can make a flower garden in your backyard? Or 3D printed musical instruments that are positively pitch perfect? Who knows what’s next for these great machines. We can all definitely agree on one thing: 3D printers are the way of the future. But in the meantime, we’ll be waiting for the elusive 3D printed cheeseburger and fries…

Photo credit: The Wire 

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