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Change the Equation: Improving Learning in STEM

Change the Equation- Improving Learning in STEM

After our post on Tuesday about the fact that math doesn’t have to be boring, we think it only makes sense to follow-up with some information about an organization that’s doing big things for STEM education.

That organization is called Change the Equation, and they’re working to improve learning in STEM in the United States.

As a nonprofit organization led by CEOs, Change the Equation “strives to sustain a national movement to improve PreK-12 STEM learning by leveraging and expanding its work focusing on three goals.” Those three goals include:

  • Improving Philanthropy: Increase the impact of corporate philanthropy by emphasizing high quality, scalable programs.
  • Inspiring Youth: Capture the imagination of young people, giving them a solid foundation in STEM and insight into the unlimited postsecondary and career options.
  • Advocating Change: Promote proven state policies and research-based practices that enhance student mastery of and interest in STEM disciplines.

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? The goals of Change the Equation are very similar to our own here at Dream It Do It, both in Nebraska and nationally. And since we like what they’re doing so much, we thought that we’d give you a few ways that you can get involved (and help advance STEM!):

  • Participate in Igniting LearningIgniting Learning is the in-school branch of Change the Equation. Currently, the only Nebraska location is through York County 4-H. Although there aren’t too many opportunities in Nebraska through Igniting Learning, if you do happen to be in York, the program is definitely worth getting involved in.
  • Surf Through STEM is Cool Videos on YoutubeChange the Equation has an absolutely outstanding YouTube page. Our favorite series on the page, called ‘STEM is Cool,’ features videos from companies across many different industries. Each video has interviews with employees working in STEM-related jobs, and the whole series is a great watch if you’re unsure about what you want to do for a living.
  • Browse the Change the Equation Website OnlineEven aside from the specific subsections we just mentioned, the entire Change the Equation website is full of useful resources for those interested in learning about STEM. Poke around when you get the chance–you may be surprised at what you can find!

We discuss here a lot the fact that STEM education is something that needs to change here in the United States–our post on Tuesday touched on math education today–and that’s still very much the case.

But thanks to modern technology like social media and interactive websites, you don’t have to go far to start learning about STEM and careers (like manufacturing) that utilize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Just through Change the Equation’s site alone, you can browse STEM-related careers, find STEM education resources, and get in touch with educators who can help you on your education journey. How cool is that?

And of course, for anyone interested in STEM who may also be considering a career in manufacturing, all of us here at Dream It Do It Nebraska are always here to help. So if you have any questions about STEM education and how you can do your part to learn these valuable skills, let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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