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Big 3D Printing Announcement Coming this June

Big 3D Printing Announcement Coming this June

Mark your calendars for this summer—there’s going to be a big announcement made in the 3D Printing world.

Hewlett-Packard, the technology super company, reported to PC World Magazine that they may have solved the two biggest problems with today’s 3D Printers. According to CEO Meg Whitman, they are planning on releasing a big technology announcement sometime in June about their new breakthrough.

The hype revolving around 3D printers is definitely growing. But Whitman says that there are two big challenges in the printers’ design that might slow down that hype:

  • The first challenge to overcome in 3D printing is that it is painstakingly slow. “It’s like watching ice melt,” says Whitman.
  • The second challenge is that the quality of the product made from these printers isn’t as good as it should be. Whitman says that “the surface of the substrate is not perfect,” leaving the product with an unfinished look.

But HP claims to have made a breakthrough. “We believe we have solved both these problems and we’ll be making a big technology announcement in June around how we are going to approach this,” Whitman said. This doesn’t necessarily mean new products will be released at that time, but it does mean we’ll be getting a first-hand look at what HP has been working on and where the company is heading.

There have been a lot of questions revolving around HP’s future 3D printing plans—after all, printers are one of the company’s staples. Several companies are already selling them to consumers, including 3D Systems and Stratasys, and research firm IDC says that 3D printing has moved “well beyond adopters and hobbyists.”

The expectations, as PC World Magazine notes, are that the number of 3D printers sold this year will increase to 67 percent from 2013. If HP isn’t careful, it may get left behind.

“We’ve made so much progress in our financials that we have to find a way to capture mobility in a way that is right for HP,” says Whitman. And 3D printing, it seems, is the way to go.

If this announcement from HP resolves the challenges in 3D printing, then the hype should definitely increase for these amazing machines. New technology is always exciting to talk about. It’s an indication that the future is coming at a faster rate than we expected, which if you ask us is just plain cool.

photo credit: Engadget

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