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Apple’s Newest, Fastest Computer to be Produced in America

In the midst of a recent push for increased production within the American manufacturing industry, rumors ran rampant that Apple would potentially be making a new computer in the United States.

Recent reports have confirmed that rumor to be true–Apple is going to start making computers in the U.S.

And it won’t be just any old computer being made in this new factory–it will be Apple’s top of the line Mac Pro. Though some say it looks like a trash can, the computer will still leave an important mark as Apple’s first product that’s made in America (since 2002, at least).

The announcement was made by Apple’s marketing chief, Phil Schiller, at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference. Schiller says that the computer will be completely made in the U.S. Additionally, the computer will be one-eighth the size of previous models while still posting double the performance/speed due to a new Intel Xeon chip.

During an appearance before the senate, Apple’s CEO,Tim Cook, said that “the [Mac Pro] will be assembled in Texas, include components made in Illinois and Florida, and rely on equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan.”

Apple’s new American manufacturing push will undoubtedly create more jobs back home, but even more than that, it seems to be a signal to companies worldwide that they can be confident in U.S. manufacturing. Making one of the most powerful production computers in the world in the U.S. just reinforces the old thought that products made in America are high-quality.

The good news for students? Despite the tough job market these days, students who pursue a path into manufacturing can remain confident that there will continue to be a need for skilled, intelligent workers and that they’ll be paid competitively for their expertise. The fact that students who choose manufacturing could be making the next world’s best computer is just an added benefit.

Here are a few cool videos about the Apple’s manufacturing history:

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