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Apple to bring manufacturing jobs back to U.S.?

Apple could be bringing some manufacturing of its Macs back to the U.S. Some even speculate that this could mean a lot more than jobs for U.S. manufacturing.Apple could bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Michelene Maynard, a self-described “factory nerd” recently wrote an article for Forbes in which she shared her thoughts and hopes on the return of Apple’s factories to America.

Maynard believes that the move could make manufacturing so much cooler, and she might be right. Working at an Apple store is considered cool, as is owning an iPad. So why wouldn’t building a Mac be considered cool?

In her article, Maynard lays out some high hopes for Apple’s future manufacturing here.

If Apple’s manufacturing does return to the U.S., you can bet that its process will rely more on high-tech manufacturing solutions than the low-tech foreign labor it currently employs.

Automation of factory processes means that more jobs will be maintaining robotics than hand assembling products. How many kids think robots are cool? And how many more would go on to pursue a high-paying job in manufacturing if they were only educated on the possibilities as they progressed with their education?

Maynard ends her article by asking: What if Apple brought a manufacturing academy to China? It’s a good question. A manufacturing academy sponsored by Apple would be a big boost for the perception of manufacturing. Until that becomes a reality there are a number of programs in Nebraska and elsewhere where students can get the training they need.

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