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This Amsterdam Woodworker Has Reinvented the Bike with 3D Printing

wooden-bikeIf you know a bicycle enthusiast (or are one), you’re probably aware of all the different kinds of bicycles, and bike enthusiasts tend to own more than one!

They have separate bikes for different terrain, like city streets or mountain paths, and bikes that are great for longer distances or cycling up hills. It probably has never occurred to cycling enthusiasts that having this many bikes takes up a lot of space!

And there may be just one more bike to add to your collection! For bike and tech savvy enthusiasts alike, we can look at Amsterdam designer Paul Timmer as a great innovator in the field of 3D printing. His design is simplicity itself: a bike made out of ash wood and 3D printed aluminum parts.

Timmer, obviously not just a woodworker and cyclist according to, is also a great artist when it comes to building bikes. The bike design is extremely eco-friendly— not to mention completely recyclable!—and only weighs a mere 24 lbs. Timmer sees this as a much sleeker, all-terrain alternative to normal titanium-built bikes.

“The main advantage of the wooden frame is the exceptional comfort. All vibrations, due to bumps in the road, are instantly absorbed,” said Timmer. “Wood is the best construction material available. This bike can be as strong as a steel one, but it has to be designed better than a steel one.” Timmer’s design, while not the only wooden bike on the market, is the only one that uses 3D printed aluminum parts to keep it all together.

You see, with 3D design, Timmer had the freedom to tweak and refine parts and then 3D print them out as needed, rather than having to order something or rely on someone else to make it. That’s the beauty of 3D design and 3D printing as we know it. And while this design is currently the only one of its kind, Timmer has plans to produce them for other biking — and 3D printing — enthusiasts very soon.

This is another great story about the spirit of innovation and 3D printing going hand in hand. We’ve talked a lot about the simple designs that people have come up with to change the world and how 3D printing has made them possible. We’re really excited that Paul is getting noticed for his designs and hope that his wooden bike takes off in the future. We also hope that your latest innovation is the next story that pops up on our blog!

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