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5 of America’s Coolest Factory Tours

We talk about manufacturing technology here on the blog a lot, but it can sometimes be difficult to gain an understanding of what goes on in a modern factory without seeing one yourself.

There are factories all over the U.S. offering tours, and we wanted to share five with you so that you could see hands-on just how cool manufacturing can be. With the exception of Tesla, who only offers factory tours for buyers of the car, all of the factories you see here offer tours in person.

So if you happen to swing by one of these factories any time in the near future, we definitely recommend giving them a look. But until that happens, you can get a great idea of the wide variety of manufacturing techniques around by checking out these 5 videos:

  1. Seven Cycles. Seven Cycles is a bicycle manufacturer in the Boston area. The making of their bicycles is a very hands-on process, as you can see below:
    [youtube= &h=250]
  2. Leatherman. Leatherman, out of Portland, Oregon, makes multi-tools and knives. They’ve got a good mix of automated machinery and hands-on assembly:
    [youtube= &h=250]
  3. Gibson USA. Guitar maker Gibson USA in Memphis, Tennessee is easily the most hands-on factory listed here. Their guitars are meticulously hand-crafted, and their factory is certainly a sight to see:
    [youtube= &h=250]
  4. Tesla. At the other end of the spectrum is automaker Tesla, from Fremont, California. Their factory is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. Unfortunately, they very rarely offer in-person tours, but this video shows just how incredible their factory is:
    [youtube= &h=250]
  5. John Deere. A household name for many Nebraska natives, John Deere‘s Horticon, Wisconsin factory started it all. You can see the factory and learn a little more about the company below:
    [youtube= &h=250]

Even if you can’t make it out to any of these factories, there are a number of local manufacturers offering factory tours on this coming Manufacturing Day. And with those tours, you won’t be seeing some distantly-made product–you’ll be seeing things made right here in our backyard!

Whichever path you choose, factory tours like these show how diverse and technologically advanced manufacturing today can be. America’s still a very strong contender in the manufacturing world, and it’s great U.S.-made products like these that remind us of America’s great manufacturing prowess.

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