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American Manufacturing Jobs are Expanding beyond Previous Expectations

American Manufacturing Jobs are Expanding beyond Previous Expectations

Last year, we here at Dream It Do It Nebraska predicted that 2014 would be a big year for manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Well, the numbers have come in for the month of February and they’re even better than what was expected!

The Guardian Liberty Voice magazine is reporting that, according to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), their index of national factory activity in the U.S. Manufacturing rose from 51.3 to 53.2 from the month of January to the month of February. February’s 53.2 surpassed the projected number of 52.0.

And to put these numbers into perspective, any reading above 50 shows expansion. That means that we’ve had two straight months of expansion in U.S. manufacturing jobs!

The one downside to this boom in manufacturing is that it could have been much larger. Production was going so well in some sectors that there was a shortage of parts, causing a slump. While this hurt the past month’s numbers a bit, it is a sign that production is on the rise. Once the new parts are ordered, we will see another boost in next month’s numbers.

Part of this boost in manufacturing came from the Obama Administration’s pledge to expand the manufacturing sector. Last week, President Obama promised to set aside $140 million dollars in federal funding—as well as $140 million in private funds—to help promote new high-tech manufacturing hubs around the United States. President Obama mentioned these proposals in his State of the Union address, as well.

Two of these hubs were created in North Carolina and Ohio back in 2013 and these hubs have started adding new jobs in their field for the first time since the 1990s. In the past four years alone, more than 600,000 new jobs in manufacturing have been created and those numbers are set to go up in 2014.

According to senior fellow at the Brookings Institution Mark Muro, the reason that advanced industries are thriving in their sectors because of the amount of time, money, research and development put into these jobs to keep them running. And, more importantly, top of the line employees are heading these specific jobs, as the Guardian Liberty Voice notes.

“Advanced industries are the ones that drive prosperity and have the best shot at surviving” says Muro. “Frankly, manufacturing that’s not innovative is likely in danger.”

The demand for more innovators is on the rise and thankfully the numbers are showing that they will have jobs in the future. It’s a great time to be an innovator in the United States in 2014!

Photo credit: Guardian Liberty Voice

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