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3D printing the future of guitars

We’ve written about using 3D printing to reproduce old car parts and even how to 3D print yourself, but here’s a use for the technology that even took us by surprise: making guitars.

Several expert guitar makers have dabbled with the technology. Scott Summit is among those using 3D printing and design to created guitars. His first 3D printed acoustic guitar was made earlier this year. He used a fine nylon powder in the printer in order to give the guitar a sleeker look.

Summit was initially skeptical about the durability of the instrument. He thought that the force from a tuning machine would break it, but it held strong.

Olaf Diegel, a professor of mechatronics at Massey University in Auckland, New Zealand, is another 3D printing guitar maker mentioned in a recent article about the trend. Since this summer he’s been selling his creations online for an average price of $3,500. His guitars are customizable and reportedly sound great. Apparently, he designs them in such a way that they have the rich sound or a regular guitar.

The inaugural 3D Printshow in London this year also featured the world’s first 3D printed band. The 3D printed instruments included a violin, guitar, bass and drumsticks.

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