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3D Printer Makes Candy at SXSW

3d printed candy

The South by Southwest conference is a starting point for some of the most unusual and exciting new things ranging from music, to film, and even to new inventions, that the world has never seen before.

Guests to the conference are used to seeing very unusual things, but no one could have predicted 3D printed candy!

That’s right. The new machinery from 3D Systems Corporation, a major 3D printing manufacturer, was at the conference churning out brightly colored candies for attendees to enjoy. 

But as CBS News notes, that’s not even the biggest news. 3D Systems and confectionary giant Hershey have announced a plan to create 3D printers for food, instead of using plastics or metals in the more traditional method of making food.

The machine—known as the ChefJet—wasn’t the only food printer at SXSW. Mondelez Industries, the company that owns Oreo, also had their version of a 3D printer that was churning out custom made Oreos based on what was trending on Twitter. But unlike the Oreo printer, the ChefJet is part of a multimillion dollar deal between 3D Systems and Hershey to become commercially available to the public by the second half of this year.

Imagine being able to print out food from a machine in your own home. That’s what is so exciting about 3D printers in the coming years—their versatility can accomplish almost any task, from printing food to printing plastic and metal materials, to even printing live human tissue. We love these machines and what they can do.

The stock market is also taking notice of this innovation, as more and more companies involved in 3D printing are seeing their value rise over the years. 3D Systems has seen their stock quintuple since 2011, and investors are still showing great interest in the promise of 3D printers in consumers’ homes.

These machines certainly are the future of production and distribution. It won’t be long before every household has their own version of the ChefJet that makes anything and everything, from metal ball bearings to fix a leaky faucet, to plastic game board pieces, even to Friday night dinner. The possibilities really are endless.

Photo credit: Wall Street Journal

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