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Growth On the Horizon: 3D and 4D Technology To Be Worth $314 Billion By 2022, Study Says

gear VR exhibition for samsungLong-time readers of our blog will know that we’re big fans of new manufacturing technology–not the least important of which is 3D printing. The technology is already having a tremendous impact on many industries including manufacturing, and for a long time, there’s been speculation about the tech’s growing impact heading into the future.

Well, in case you weren’t already convinced about 3D printing’s importance, consider this: in a new study, global market research company MarketsandMarkets estimated that the advanced 3D and 4D technology industries are going to be worth $314 billion by the year 2022!

Of course, as notes in its article about the study, the 3D & 4D technology market includes much more than 3D printing. It also includes virtual reality technology, 3D imaging, CAD software, 3D scanners, and more. Nonetheless, what seems clear is that this blanket industry is headed on the right trajectory for growth. If the industry were to reach a $314B valuation as MarketsandMarkets predicts, that would be an incredible compound annual growth rate of almost 17% between now and 2022–talk about growth!

While typically our discussions of manufacturing careers revolve around more traditional careers like welding, CNC machining, tool and die, and more, the 3D & 4D technology industry is poised to create important new career fields as well. Especially as 3D printing becomes more integrated with the world of manufacturing, we expect to see a rise in 3D & 4D technology jobs at manufacturing companies. What could be cooler than working as a 3D prototyping expert at a manufacturing company here in town?

Of course, this industry is still growing, and manufacturing professionals are still figuring out the best ways to integrate these nascent technologies into their businesses. 3D printing is growing as well, and becoming more advanced by the day. At this point, it remains to be seen exactly what a career in manufacturing and 3D technology might look like. Even so, we couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities moving forward.

Could your first career be in 3D or 4D technology? Keep your eyes peeled, because who knows what the future holds!

photo credit: Samsung VR – Mobile World Congress 2016 via photopin (license)

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