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VEX robotics competitions offer fun and knowledge

For those Nebraska students looking to get involved in robotics, there are several opportunities that come in competition form. One of these, the VEX Robotics Design System, was developed with co-curricular and extracurricular robotics competitions in mind.

VEX System programs vary, but they strive to be affordable and reliable while presenting the flexibility and safety of the VEX System. The VEX Robotics Competition is the largest robotics program for middle and high school students. More than 4,800 teams from 20 countries play in 300-plus tournaments worldwide.

There are three options for the VEX robotics competitions:

  • Autonomous & Driver Control, 2 teams vs. 2 teams: VEX Gateway
  • Driver Control, 2 teams vs. 2 teams: VEX Gateway with no autonomous mode
  • Driver Control, 1 team vs. 1 team: VEX Swept Away

A description of the VEX Gateway from the VEX website:

There are a total of twenty-six (26) Barrels, eighteen (18) Balls, two (2) Doubler Barrels and two (2) Negation Barrels available as Scoring Objects in the game. Most Scoring Objects begin in designated locations on the field, while some are available to be loaded prior or during the match. Each Robot (smaller than 18”x18”x18” to start) begins a match on one of their Alliance Starting Tiles. There are thirteen Goals, of varying heights which teams can Score Balls or Barrels in. Alliances earn Bonus Points for having the lowest Ball or Barrel in a Circular Goal. Doubler or Negation Barrels which are scored alter the point values in a Circular Goal. The field is divided into sections by two 6’ long PVC Gates that teams can lift during the Match.

VEX robotics can be easily incorporated into classroom learning by teachers interested in fostering STEM skills in students. For information on upcoming VEX events check out More information on VEX Robotics can be found here.

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