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Romotive’s Robotic IPhone on Wheels Can Help Teach STEM Skills



As today’s technologies continue to become more advanced, parents and educators have had to come up with creative ways to introduce kids to STEM concepts at an early age. Luckily, robotics startup company Romotive has a new friend that’s sure to get kids excited about robots!

The robot is called Romo and is essentially an iPhone docking system on wheels. The gadget turns your iPhone into an adorable “robot pet” that can interact with the people it sees, and can even chase objects around the room. But it’s more than just a roving robot—it has a personality to it as well.

Romo’s software turns the iPhone screen into a face that can express emotions and respond to your actions, Xconomy reports. It’s what you might call a “sociable robot;” you almost forget that you’re playing with an iPhone.

But what can we take away from this new “sociable robot” other than the fact that it’s a cool new gadget to have around the house? We see it as a creative way to get kids interested early in the new technology of today, and get them dreaming of building the new technology of tomorrow.

Romo isn’t the only new robot product designed for kids these days. There’s the Play-I robot designed to help kids learn computer programming skills by as early as age five. And there’s the Anki Drive system of robot cars driven by iPhones that gets kids familiar with remote control devices connected with their phones.

All of these new gadgets are part of a collective effort to introduce young kids to the concepts of science, technology, engineering and math. In today’s world, learning how to read computer code and programming your devices to perform specific commands will become crucial skills to have in the near future.

The quicker that kids can learn STEM skills, the better prepared they will be in the future when robots and advanced technology will become an integrated part of everyday life. And even though we may not be there just yet, these kinds of skills are still essential to meaningful careers in advanced manufacturing.

They may be cute, but robots and tech like Romo may be exactly what we need to get kids excited for the technology of tomorrow.

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