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A New Wave of Manufacturing Jobs Is on the Way

STEMToday’s economy is still continuing to grow—even though it might not the fastest growth we’ve seen—and the manufacturing sector is the primary engine for that growth.

This sector alone has produced approximately 647,000 since 2010, according to the Huffington Post. These jobs offer a greater opportunity and reward, and there are many more out there than people think. And they’re just the beginning!

We here at DIDI are predicting that a new wave of manufacturing job growth is building, and in the near future, this wave will cause this economy to take off. The manufacturing sector is already strengthening our economy as we speak and it’s looking like this job sector is the place you want to be for a well-paying, fulfilling career.

These are not the same assembly line jobs that your grandfather may have worked when building cars. Today’s manufacturing jobs are built upon advanced technologies, like 3D printing or advanced robotics, so they require advanced skills from workers. A manufacturing worker in today’s world needs to be able to roll with the punches, enjoy grasping engineering concepts, be computer savvy, make mathematical calculations and adapt to constant change. Sounds tough, right?

Actually, it’s not if you have the right set of skills. It’s critical in this era of rapid technological change that students acquire the necessary skills to fill these new positions. That’s why STEM education is so important to today’s youth. The National Association of Manufacturers is supporting the introduction of more sophisticated training materials for science, technology, engineering and mathematics into K-12 schools. And Dream It Do It is doing everything we can to convince the younger generations that manufacturing careers are the way to go.

Don’t believe us? Well, here are four areas in manufacturing that are about to hit the mother lode of job growth here in America:

  • Energy: From natural gas to wind farms to the huge boom in solar energy, we are at long last becoming energy independent. And that independence promises rich career opportunities in the near future.
  • The Automobile Industry: Its already seen rapid growth, increasing output by about 20% a year! How you ask? They’re more reliant than ever on automation, robots and advanced materials.
  • Aerospace and Transportation: It shouldn’t be too big of a surprise that an industry that already relies on highly advanced technologies is seeing more job growth on the way.
  • Medical Care: It’s one of the biggest sectors of our economy, plus new technical jobs handling advanced medical devices are providing excellent career opportunities to millions now more than ever before.

Manufacturing jobs are the careers that are poised to take full advantage of the rapid progress in technology. This sector has always been the breeding ground for new innovations and has proven to be the driver of economic progress. Manufacturing is the wave of the future and will once again become a major source of new jobs.

photo credit: Saginaw Future Inc. via photopin cc

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