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New Giant 3D Printer Can Build Houses In 24 Hours

New Giant 3D Printer Can Build Houses In 24 Hours3D printing has become one of our favorite technologies here at Dream It Do It Nebraska. From the proposed running shoes that can heal themselves overnight to the world’s first 3D printed human organ expected to come later this year, we just can’t get enough stories about the cool new things that 3D printers can do.

But this new story might be the biggest 3D printing story we’ve ever done so far. Literally. Because this giant new 3D printer has the power to build a 2,500-square-foot house in a single day!

The printer was developed at the University of Southern California by Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis. As he puts it, this printer is, “basically scaling up 3D printing to the scale of building.”

Its design is a simple robotic gantry that a nozzle is attached to, remotely controlling the amount of concrete being poured. All the internal conduits for electricity, plumbing and air conditioning would be embedded within the house’s design. The printer can build a house layer by layer in just 24 hours.

Armed with this new printer, we could see colonies of houses, each with its own unique design, popping up in days, not months. This would especially impact areas that are in the most need of new houses, like low-income neighborhoods or areas in need of disaster relief.

Contour Crafting, the organization behind the house printer, is very excited about their new technology and the potential applications for it. The technology itself seems to be very eco-friendly as well, potentially reducing energy usage and emissions through its rapid-prototype design.

According to one of their videos here, this new technology may become crucial to the development of homes for societies around the globe, not just here in the United States.

As you may have noticed, the amount of space in the world is starting to shrink, with the human population expected to pass the 9 billion mark by the end of 2050. With more and more people flocking to major cities around the world, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need technologies like this to build homes for people to live in.

And last but not least, Contour Crafting is researching into the possibility of using this 3D printer to build human colonies on the Moon and on Mars! The printer, “will most probably be one of the very few feasible approaches for building structures on other planets… before the end of the new century.”

Ideas and innovations like this are becoming more and more common place as the 21st century unfolds, and we couldn’t be more excited about what the world might look like down the road. We hope that you’re excited, too.

Photo credit: NDTV Gadgets

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