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Is Manufacturing the Path to a Well-Paying Career in Nebraska? We Think So.

Is Manufacturing the Path to a Well-Paying Career in Nebraska? We Think So.At Dream It Do It Nebraska, one of our main messages is that manufacturing is a path to a well-paying career. You can see it in the blogs we write:

But a few days ago, we sat down and realized something: we haven’t actually broken down the numbers for you. Which is why we’re here today to show you how manufacturing really is the path to a well-paying career in Nebraska.

Here are a few key facts:

And we haven’t even gotten into education yet. The education aspect of a career in manufacturing is important, too:

As you can see, the numbers really speak for themselves. If you want a path to a well-paying career right here in Nebraska, manufacturing is a great option. You won’t have much (or any) student debt, you’ll be on the track to earning more than the national average, and you’ll have a rewarding, hands-on career that you can enjoy every day.

Although manufacturing may not be for everybody, there’s no denying that it’s a great option. And you can definitely quote us on that.

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  1. Timothy Fara says

    I agree with the entire article but how do we address the fact that today’s high school students are “bullied” into attending a “college” instead of a trade school, vo-tech school, or community college? I have watched for over two decades of high school students being told that if they don’t go to a four-year school, they are “dummies”. This has been told by parents, peer students and even some guidance counselors. Yet today’s high school students are not well prepared for “adult” life at a college. They are scholastically prepared but not prepared for the commitment, required focus, and determination that it takes to successfully complete the four years of classes. Today, most four years colleges do not graduate more than 58% of those that enroll. Int he business world, 58% efficiency would mean failure to any business but four year schools continue to raise tuition cost beyond the reach of most middle class families and students.

    How do we get those that want to get skills training, into vo-tech or community colleges and still be able to hold their head high and be proud of what they can and will accomplish?

  2. admin says


    Thanks for the good comment. As you can probably guess, this is something that we deal with on a regular basis–our entire purpose as an organization is to get young people interested in manufacturing careers.

    There are many things that need to happen if we want to stop the ‘bullying’ that you speak of. The biggest is education–teachers, parents, and counselors need to know that the manufacturing of today is different than what they think. It’s now about high-tech jobs and technical skills, not dark factories and manual labor. There are a lot of ways to do that, and we’re working to do our part by being active on social media, and by reaching out and communicating with educators and employers to work with students to combat this problem.

    We can teach the students all we want, but it’s just as much (if not more) about showing educators and parents the truth about manufacturing today. It’s going to be a long process, but can only be accomplished if we all do our part to increase awareness!

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