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New Lego Set Attracts Engineers in Silicon Valley

New Lego Set Attracts Engineers in Silicon ValleyA new robotic Lego set called Mindstorms EV3 is coming out next month, and surprisingly, few people are more excited about it than engineers in Silicon Valley.

Mindstorms has been out in some form since 1998, but the new set is promised to be more advanced than ever. PC Mag calls EV3 “a remarkably powerful and functional robotics kit people of any age can use to build some impressive and complicated projects.”

The new set isn’t your typical Lego–it’s actually a robotics set with a powerful processor. From simple machines doing basic tasks, to more advanced robots following advanced computer commands, you can make the EV3 set do a lot more than you’d expect from a traditional Lego set.

And as this article notes, many of the engineers in Silicon Valley were actually initially drawn to tech because of the first robotic Lego sets released some 15 years ago. Getting involved in robotics at a young age allowed young kids to explore their ideas–and now, those same people are working as entrepreneurs, designers, and engineers.

Even though many adults are taking interest in this new product from Lego, it’s still a great way to get kids involved in exploring STEM skills. Building robots and programming basic computers fosters the same kinds of skills needed in the manufacturing world–though really, exercising these skills is great for anyone.

So who knows? It’s entirely possible that the kids using Lego’s new EV3 when it comes out next month could turn out to be our new class of engineers and manufacturers 15 years down the road. We’d really love to see that!

The brief video below explains more about the new set, and shows Lego Mindstorms EV3 in action:

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Image credit: AP/Marcio Jose Sanchez via CTV News

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