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Kearney, Nebraska, Is On the Fast Track for More High-Tech Jobs

It wasn’t too long ago that Lincoln was named one of the best cities for new jobs in 2015, and it seems the jobs are still coming for the state of Nebraska. Nebraska leaders say that even though the state isn’t where it needs to be when it comes to high-tech jobs, a new federal program could turn the Kearney area into a hot spot for the jobs of the future! reports that Kearney is one of 21 communities nationwide that’s been put on the fast track to create hundreds of new IT jobs. “I think that is going to put a great big footprint right on the map for us,” says QA Analyst Michael Wortman.

The problem has been training in the technology sector, says Mayor Stan Clouse. Because of that training gap, employers are losing money because they can’t fill jobs fast enough or train the new hires quickly enough. This pilot program, called the Federal TechHire Initiative, gives opportunities for high-tech training to those who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance and will help train non-traditional job seekers in an accelerated way. “They’ve proved it can be done,” says Clouse.

This new expansion is being led by an IT and software engineering company called Xpanxion. “We picked Kearney because it was one we had infrastructure already in place, and we plan to leverage that and anything we can do to ensure success and make sure we don’t lose momentum,” said Xpanxion President Paul Eurek. That included hiring people like Michael Wortman, who had no experience with software programming but could be trained in software engineering to help fill those expanding positions.

“That’s the exciting, the rewarding part of it, to find those diamonds in the rough,” says Eurek. So those with little to no experience with technology can apply and be molded into a tech guru? Why wouldn’t you sign up?

“If it does work, there is going to be a continued demand for technology workers not only nationwide, but specifically in Nebraska and here in Kearney,” says Eurek. The future of Kearney could look a whole lot different in five years, making it a hub for technology professionals. In fact, TechHire Nebraska is already taking applications and hopes to send out offers by the end of August, which means training will begin for four positions by September 1st.

Don’t delay when there are great jobs to be had right now!

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  1. Michael Medwick says

    Very pleased to see Xpanxion taking an innovative approach to cultivating the talent pool in communities like Kearney. Knowing that they are looking to develop workers who may not have conventional tech backgrounds, what other baseline skills or qualities does Xpanxion look for in these “diamonds in the rough”?

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