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Career Pathways Institute Garners New Attention

Career Pathways Institute Garners New AttentionEducation is extremely important to our mission here at Dream It Do It Nebraska. That’s why we put so much stress on STEM skills and the great jobs they can lead to.

But even more than that, that’s why we were extremely excited when Grand Island’s Career Pathways Institute–which has been in the works for some time now–finally opened up and started accepting students for its first classes. When that happened, we saw the program as a pioneer of technical education here in Nebraska.

And as it turns out, we’re not the only ones with that opinion.

An article published in the Omaha World-Herald this past Sunday talked about the new Career Pathways Institute in Grand Island, mentioning that the program “[amps] up career training as [an] alternative to college prep.”

Here are a few highlights from the article:

  • The Career Pathways Institute in Grand Island is the first of its kind in Nebraska
  • Lincoln is planning on opening a similar, $25 million facility at Southeast Community College in two years
  • The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce projects that by 2018, 14 million of the 47 million job openings will require only some college or an associate degree–a great sign for programs like the Career Pathways Institute
  • Career center students still take core classes, such as English and math, at the high school. The district provides transportation to and from the high school

The World-Herald goes further, noting that:

Leaders are recognizing that the trades still have a place in education and that students can have viable careers with a two-year degree or a professional certificate. Even in a world with iPads and automated manufacturing, people still need plumbers and welders and electricians.

We like this article for a few reasons. For one, it highlights just how revolutionary Grand Island’s Career Pathways Institute actually is. It’s the first of its kind here in Nebraska, and stands out at a time where not many educators are aware of the great opportunities that are present in the skilled trades and manufacturing.

But even more than that, we like it because it shows that efforts like these are finally starting to get some much-needed attention. The more that people realize how great these programs are, and how necessary it is to allow people to pursue alternatives to college, the better our educators, students, and parents can be prepared for the kind of training that these jobs require.

Although an article in the World-Herald probably won’t change the public’s opinion of manufacturing overnight, it’s not hard to see that awareness like this is a much-needed step to the recognition of programs like the Career Pathways Institute as legitimate sources of education and training.

James R. Burnett via Omaha World-Herald

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