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The 3D Printed Future of Halloween

3D-halloweenHalloween is nearly upon us and everyone is going out to create the perfect costume to celebrate. But anyone who’s a fan of cosplaying might recognize that some costumes and characters are really tough to get exactly right.

Whether you want to be Iron Man or Samus Aran, creating a jaw-dropping costume can seem nearly impossible, but this year could be the year that you make it happen!

We’ve already shown you the many amazing things that 3D printers can accomplish, from small prints like food that actually tastes good to large prints like an entire house. And this year, one 3D printing company is getting into the spirit and printing up some super scary and highly realistic costumes for Halloween!

The companies name is Neomek, and they specialize in 3D-printing solutions for businesses. But to celebrate All Hallows Eve, they simply couldn’t resist having a little mischief with their 3D scanners and printers. This video shows the team turning Vice President Jim Clark’s son into a disturbingly realistic version of Dr. Finkelstein from Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas!

“I have always been a fan of Tim Burton movies,” Clark tells The Kernal. “We also knew we wanted to use both 3D scanning and 3D printing for the costume. Dr. Finkelstein was a perfect fit [for both].” When asked about the future of 3D printing and Halloween, Clark had this to say: “I strongly suspect the use of 3D printing for Halloween costumes will become quite popular over the next few years.”

And we’re already seeing 3D printing sites sharing their designs for costumes. At sites like Instructables and Thingiverse, even novice 3D printer owners can create their own costumes of famous characters. Everything Iron Man to Predator Masks to a perfectly rendered Hellboy complete with sawed-off horns!

And why stop at just costumes? Talented 3D printer owners are using their printers to decorate their homes and office spaces as well. There is a seemingly endless number of creepy decorative items you can download and print. Everything from a Grim Reaper statuette on your coffee table to a disgusting lamp dripping blood, 3D printers are an awesome tool to bring this holiday to life.

Traditional Halloween shops will never go out of style, but 3D-printing is a fantastic solution to custom costumes that were never possible before. And once the cost of technology goes down, practically everyone will be able to enjoy the 3D printed beauty—or horror—of a picture perfect costume.

From all of us here at DIDI, we want to wish everyone out there a Happy Halloween. Stay safe, enjoy the candy and have a scary good time!


photo credit: The Kernal



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